Exhibitions & Awards

Mamilah -Jerusalem Jerusalem

Mamilah Jerusalem-Israel
October -Moscone convention center San Francisco USA
Art and Above Munich- Germany

September 2014 Walter E.Washington convention
center- WashingtonD.C. USA
Mamila Jerusalem Israel
Art and Above Munich- Germany

October 2013- solo exhibition:: Moscone Convention Center San Francisco USA
October -November 2013: solo exhibition Houshang Gallery Santa Fe NM- U.S.A

Exhibitions 2012

- "Femina" Chagall Museum Haifa march 2012-Israel
- Group exhibition: annual exhibition Chagall museum, Haifa
- Group exhibition. Ben Uri Gallery: International Jewish Artist of the Year 2012 Group exhibition: "
- Group exhibition:; Artexpo Chicago: September 2012:
- Solo ex. Miami Beach Convention Center Florida, USA- October 2012-".Art from the Heart"

Exhibitions 2011
Moscone Convention Center –San Francisco-November 2011 -"Spirit"
Tucson JCC Community Center- Third annual sculpture exhibition-November 2011

Exhibitions 2010
- Washington DC Convention Center U.S.A. September: -Art from the Heart
- Chagall museum, Haifa -Compassion

Exhibitions 2009
- Moscone Convention center San Francisco CA October 2009 –"The human Spirit"
- Florence 6th Biennial- December 2009 Florence Italy- (special mention)
- L'atitude gallery October 2010- 2 person exhibition: "Shapes and structures"

Exhibitions in 2008
-Group exhibition, Zenith Gallery, Washinton DC
-Solo exhibition, Caprice Gallery- Jerusalem. 2008.
- Washington D. C. convention center U.S.A .October 2008. U.S.A.-Art from the Heart
solo exhibition; Ft Lauderdale FL - Ramat Shalom synagogue. October 2008. "Fragments"

Exhibitions in 2007
- Solo exhibition,: Caprice gallery, Jerusalem April -May 2007 .
- Group exhibition, Chagall museum Haifa, June 2007.
- Washington D.C .convention center October 2007-Art from the Heart

Exhibitions in 2006
- Solo exhibition, Atlanta International Convention Center, March 2006
- Group exhibition, Chagall museum, Haifa, Israel MAY 2006.
- 6TH Annual summer All Media, International Art Exhibition 2006.
- Art interview Annual Online art competition
- 5th international Biennial of Chania- October 2006. Crete.Greece
- Solo exhibition-Washington International Convention Center-October 2006.U.S.A

- 6th Annual Summer All Media. International Art Exhibition 2006-: first prize,+Award of excellence,+special recognition.
- Art interview Annual Online Art Competition 2006-Third Place-(bronze award plus exhibition in Berlin

Exhibitions in 2005
- ArtExpo, New York, February 2005
- Orlando Florida C.C., March 2005
- Solo exhibition, Washington DC C.C., 2005 "Art from the Heart"
- Group exhibition, Chagall museum, Haifa, Israel, 2005

Exhibitions in 2004
- Solo Sculpture exhibition, New-Orleans convention center, .march2004-Art comes from the Heart
March 2004
- Exhibition in Washington D.C. Convention Center, September 2004- "Heart"

Exhibitions in 2003
- Solo Sculpture exhibition ArtExpo, NY, NY, Feb-March 2003
- Group exhibition, Chagall Museum, Haifa, Israel, April 2003
- Annual exhibition by Israeli painters & sculptors association,
Chagall house ,Haifa, Israel, May 2003
- Solo exhibition ,Washington DC - New Convention Center,
October 2003
- Solo exhibition, Orlando, Florida ,

Exhibitions in 2002
- Solo exhibition, Washington Convention Center DC, Feb 2002
- Sculpture exhibition ArtExpo, NY, Feb-March 2002
- Solo sculpture exhibition, Hearts "Creative Partner Gallery"
Bethesda Maryland, July 2002
- solo Sculpture exhibition, Washington DC Convention Center,
September 2002-"Hearts"

Exhibitions in 2001
- Solo exhibition in "Kastra art center" ,Haifa, Israel
- Group exhibition "Femina" by Israeli painters & sculptors association
- Group exhibition "Borders" by Israeli painters & sculptors association
- Solo exhibition in 24-27 June 2001, "borders" London Hilton
- Solo exhibition in 12-16 Sep 2001, Washington Convention Center,
Washington DC

Art Interview International Online Artist Competition 2006 : -Third Place Bronze.
Upstream People Gallery International Annual Online Art Competitions 2006 - First Place
Highly commendation: International Jewish Artist of the year 2012 - Ben Uri Gallery-London.